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. . . a homage to the musical arts, from the visual arts.

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Vintage Brass

There's something about a vintage instrument, their aesthetic, and more importantly, their sound can take you to a whole new level . . . of course, some just sound dreadful!

Blowin' in the wind

The Blowin' Off Topic blog . . . mostly it's brass and music, but sometimes it just goes 'off topic'

The Repertoire

Some of the music I'm playing - playing badly? - at the moment, also scales and arpeggios used for ABRSM grading.

For the soul

Just great music ... every genre, every era.

A phrase that would appear tolerable, when performed by violins or the woodwind, becomes flat and intolerably vulgar when emphasised by the incisive, brash and impudent sound of the cornet. ~ Hector Berlioz