• Scots Wha Hae by Robert Burns – score for trumpet and piano

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    Scots Wha Hae 230px-PG_1063Burns_NaysmithcropScots Wha Hae is something of an anthem for a free and independent Scotland, yet it’s far more than that.  Robert Burns is well recognised as being a ‘man of the people’ and for all some have dismissed his works as ‘romantic doggerel’ he must surely be one of the most recognised poets and lyricists of all time.

    Scots Wha Hae is written in tribute to a Scottish King, yet it speaks to us of the freedom of man from the dominion of those who would seek to oppress him and what that oppression might mean.  It is a powerful piece of writing that works on a number of levels.

    The song is sung to the traditional Scots tune “Hey Tutti Tatti”, which is what is reproduced here (.pdf file type) – out of a sense of completeness I’ve included lyrics which are sung in the same key as the trumpet part – from an old copy of “Burns Song” published in 1896.   Given that it’s pages are beginning to look a little worn and that it’s spine is fairly heavily damaged I’m giving some consideration to reproducing it with a nod to brass players and so including a stave in Bb … the version of Scots Wha Hae here was already written in Bb, so no need to transpose fortunately!

    In case you don’t know what Scots Wha Hae sounds like, here it is performed by Parcel of Rogues:

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